Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're here! We, meaning Kristin and I. The rest of the girls arrive tomorrow, The Hubs on Friday, and Lorin on Saturday. Friends who are staying elsewhere filter in starting tomorrow.

We left Portland around 6am on Tuesday morning. 16 hours later we were in Los Angeles. The drive was pretty uneventful...lots of potty breaks (we are well hydrated), a lunch stop in Weed, and crummy weather until central California. Driving through LA was scary, so I slept and K finished up the drive.

Here she is in the very over-packed car. She only has like 1 bag in there.

And me, happy to get out of crazy over-populated SoCal.

We got back to it around 6:30 this morning, and arrived in Tempe just after noon. Checked into the condo (it's awesome!), got pedicures (even more awesome!), and prepped the bike for the ride tomorrow. It's ridiculously beautiful. Now, instead of unpacking, I have assumed this position:

--Practice swim in Tempe Town Lake
--Drive the bike course, ride for 1 hour on the Beeline
--Athlete check-in. Which also means athlete weigh-in. Ugh.
--Mom & Debbie arrive. Birthday dinner for all the ladies.
--Resume position. :-)

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