Friday, November 13, 2009

Single Digits, Baby!

Less than 9 days until the cannon goes off. Taper is...interesting.

I am convinced that:
--I am losing all of my fitness, getting fat, and turning into a sloth.
--I am 100% ready for this thing.
--I am 100% not ready for this thing.
--I am going to finish faster than I ever thought I could.
--I am not going to finish.
--I will never, ever eat enough to satisfy my appetite.
--I will never, ever get enough sleep to keep from being tired.

So, if you see me bouncing and smiling, it's safe to talk to me. But if you see me hovering in a corner with tears streaming down my face, chocolate stuck to the corners of my mouth, and my hair matted in random directions, it's probably best to sloooooowly back away.

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