Saturday, November 7, 2009


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." This is inscribed on the inside of the silver bracelet that Sondra gave me yesterday as an IM gift. Thanks girlie! It will serve as an important reminder over the next couple of weeks. Today, as I watch Ironman Florida via the online live feed, it makes everything seem more real. Both good and bad. I get to see the joy and exhiliration of people crossing the finish line and finally being done with their long journey. But I also have seen some not make their goal. Or even finish. It's heartbreaking, and a harsh reminder that nothing is guaranteed come race day. But...I have to believe.

Today, we were blessed by some of Mother Nature's finer pieces of work, and I was stuck on the trainer for my long ride. The schedule only called for 4 hours, but that's about 4 more than I can stand working out indoors. I managed just over 3 hours and was happy with that. The final preparations are starting to take place. Last minute online orders are being delivered to the house (cleats, nutrition, valve extenders, miscellaneous tri gear). My packing lists are growing into out-of-control spreadsheets. Just the lists for race day are extensive...dry clothes bag, T1 bag, run special needs bag, T2 bag, bike special needs bag. Not to mention traveling for 2 weeks, in weather ranging from snow/rain/ice to sunny/hot/dry. Finally, my laundry pile is starting to shrink. We've been making reservations and confirming reservations. Did I mention making lists? And now, I'm thinking about my goals and race day execution. And also thinking beyond Ironman and what I want to do next.

My goals for the day (in order):
1) Have fun. Thank the volunteers, cheer on the other athletes, smile even if I don't feel like it, look forward to seeing my friends and family through out the day. Soak it all in.
2) Finish within the cutoff times. I've done the work. Now I need to let my body and mind bring me home. Barring an unexpected mechanical issue or illness, I can do this.
3) Stay out of the med tent.

And looking ahead:
  • My winter project is going to be slimming down. Sadly, it didn't happen during IM training. The insane appetite, the stress on the body, and all of the sugar intake made it incredibly difficult. I am planning on a winter maintenance program for the swim/bike/run, but will change up the routine, set a strict nutrition plan, and focus on eliminating certain stresses and triggers from my life.
  • My other winter project is to find more balance. Spend more time with Ken and my friends. Do activities that don't revolve around the pool, my bike, or my running shoes. I foresee lots of snowshoeing in my future! Maybe take up yoga. Definitely more strength workouts.
  • When tri season starts approaching, I'm going to focus on speed and short course stuff. Nothing longer than one or two 70.3 distances (minus the marathon in May). But mostly even shorter than that.

The first half of the year:

  • Jan -- Vancouver Lake Half Marathon
  • Feb -- nothing scheduled (study, train)
  • Mar -- nothing scheduled (study, train)
  • Apr -- Professional Engineering exam, Beaver Freezer?
  • May -- Eugene marathon, honeymoon?
  • Jun -- volunteer at IMCdA and sign up for 2011, Blue Lake Sprint (the 2nd annual showdown with Dingo Dave)
  • Jul -- Vineman 70.3

And now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to checking and rechecking the weather forecasts and see if bib numbers are out yet. I love my F5 button!

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