Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 25 - Mon thru Wed

After the ugliness of last week, I'm taking a different approach for Week 25. I'm only thinking three days ahead so that I don't fry the precious remaning mental toughness I'm grasping onto. And I'm easing into it and praying that my body cooperates. Six weeks until GO TIME. Five weeks until I'll be packing the car and fretting over lists. Okay, okay, yes, yes, we all know that I'll be fretting over lists by this weekend.

Today - easy peasy swim (got in 2600 meters before work)
Tuesday - run 1hr
Wednesday - bike 1hr, brick run 30min, swim if I have time during lunch

That doesn't look so bad!

Want to know what looks bad? This...
Tuesday - rain
Wednesday - rain
Thursday - rain
Friday - rain
Saturday - rain
Sunday - rain
Monday - rain

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