Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • Do you think changing my bike fit this close to race day is a bad idea? Hmmm, well, my seat is now a 1/2cm forward, the angle is adjusted by 2mm, and I took a spacer out of the headset. I guess we'll find out on my 6hr ride this weekend if it was a win or fail.

  • I'm also changing my bike shoes. I seriously cannot stand the stench of them anymore and they no longer make that same style. I'm not sure they would make it through a cycle in the washing machine without falling apart. No, I'm not sure why I waited until 3 weeks before race day to figure this out.

  • Poptarts are a separate food group. Or maybe in the same food group as gels, GE, and shot bloks.

  • I'm embarassed to go get a pedicure b/c my feet are nasty. Nasty. I don't even want to touch them.

  • I am not really "scared" anymore. A lot has happened that I would maybe do differently, or would prefer didn't happen (the flu comes to mind...). But I've learned a lot about myself this year. And have made some really awesome friends, and realized who some of my best friends are. And, hell, I got married!

  • And instead of being scared out of my mind, I can feel the excitement building. It's like a little baby gremlin that gets bigger and bigger every day. I think it's because I've already picked my next Ironman. Yes, you read that right. Yeah!!! So this isn't the end all by any means, and whatever happens on November 22nd, I get to look forward to the next one. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to turn into a sniveling, babbling, scared-shitless weinie at any time.

  • Watching IM videos while on the trainer is no good. Because I cry and then I hyperventilate and then I can't pedal. I think that this is also why I'm not scared anymore. It has finally hit me how damn lucky I am.

  • There are about 2900 people signed for IMAZ. I exported the confirmation list into Excel. I haven't yet split it all up by occupation, pro, PC, etc. I'm saving that for a treat when my OCD rears its ugly head during taper.

  • Ahhhh, taper. 2 days away.

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