Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sayonara Week 5

I wrapped up Week 5 with a total of 11.60 hours versus a plan of 8 hours. I was a tad short on my swims and runs, but made up for it with some bigger volume biking. I love the bike, but obviously need to work on the other two. I think that I can get the swim back with minimal effort. My running skillz, however, are plain ol' fugly ugly.

Here's me heading into Week 6. I see very little improvement in these photos, but it's a long journey so I will just work harder and try to be patient. Oh, and don't ask why I'm standing on a 15° tilt in this photo. I've got some major hay fever and had just thrown a mini temper tantrum about not wanting to go on a run (I ended up getting the run done).

Weight: -1.5 lb / -2 lb total
Stomach: -0.5" / -1" total
Hips: -0.5" / -1" total
Thigh: +0.25" / -0.25" total
Bicep: no change / -0.25" total

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