Saturday, June 13, 2009

Into the Weekend

I decided to do a mini-taper this week. Here is a recap of my week as I head into the weekend (racing in my first OWS tri of the season: Blue Lake Olympic). After today, I'll be at around 4.7 hours for the week. If I have around a 3-hr race tomorrow I'll be close to my week goal of 9 hours. Woohoo.
Rest Day

Swim: 12:15pm, 00:25:17, 1200 meters
Straight through swim.

Run: 5:20pm, 00:43:23, 3.63 miles
Bleh. I'm slow again.

Bike: 6:15pm, 00:45:00, 11.20 miles
On the drainer...

Run: 7:00pm, 00:16:09, 1.36 miles
Quick (as in short) brick run.

Swim: 11:50am, 00:28:57, 1250 meters
4 x 300m @ 60sec rest
1st 300m = 06:04 (2:01 pace)
2nd 300m = 06:02 (2:01 pace)
3rd 300m = 06:06 (2:02 pace)
4th 300m = 05:55 (1:58 pace)
50m CD

Bike: 6:00pm, 00:40:00, 9.72 miles
At 15min, inserted 5 x 1min sprints @ 1min easy spin.

Run: 6:30pm, 00:37:43, 3.25 miles
At 15min, inserted 4 x 1min sprints @ 1min easy recovery jog.

The plan is a 30min bike check ride, 15min run. But I'm currently drinking a beer, so it will have to wait until later today...


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Molly said...

Hey! Thanksfor the comment! It's an LG tri top - very comfy. Has a built in bra but I find I still wear a bra-of-steel underneath for added security. That's the only downside of it.