Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week 5 Update

One more day until another rest day! Although, this week I'm not really feeling like I need it. Maybe it's because I missed a couple of workouts... Which were replaced with an awesome long ride today. I'm at 9.95 hours of the training for the week and still have an OWS (open water swim) and 1-hour run tomorrow. Here's what the rest of my week has looked like since the last post:

Swim: 12:30pm, 00:31:35, 1500m
Straight through swimming. 02:07/100m. Not bad for hardly any swimming, but definitely not where I should be right now.

Bike1: 5:30pm, 00:50:53, 11.50 miles
Ride to and from the VBC time trial.

Bike2: 6:00pm, 00:30:08, 10.00 miles
Another go at the Vancouver Bike Club time trial. The first time I posted a 19.82 mph average. The second time I posted 20.35 mph. This time I did 19.91 mph. But if you subtract the 20 second or so that I had to STOP and UNCLIP at the turnaround to allow a car go by (grrrr), then I probably averaged around 20.13 mph. Either way, it was much windier this week. I even puked in my mouth a little bit. Bleh.

Run: 6:30pm, 00:32:23, 2.5 miles
Not even worth writing about. Hot temps, high HR, lots of sweat. Crap-ass run. On the upside, I didn't even come close to pooping myself.

Bike: 7:45am, 04:35:51, 70.36 miles
I had never been (or biked) to Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge, so I was excited when my Saturday riding partner, Jenn, was game for giving it a try. And even better than that, it was sunny! And I got to ride with 4 other lovely ladies! The last 10 miles or so back to the gym were a little rough, but I think that's more of a "time in the saddle" sort of issue. I'm really happy with being able to ramp up the mileage on the bike without too much discomfort. Yay!

Me at Women's Forum. You can see the sunny gorge, as well as Crown Point, in the background.

Our all-women's crew at Crown Point: Jan, Sondra, Julie, me, and Jenn.

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