Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Scale

I'm not sure when it happened, but I'm comfortable talking about my weight. Really, I look the same to you whether I say that I weigh 120 or 220. I had to laugh yesterday when taking out my drivers license. The photo doesn't look much like me anymore. I weighed close to 215 pounds when that picture was taken, yet my license declares that I was 160. Silly, huh.

I honestly don't know what my heaviest weight was. I put the scale away at 208 because I just didn't want to see those numbers anymore. And I did keep gaining for a bit after that. So I estimate 215 was the top end. I rang in 2008 at 176.

Tonight before my workouts I stepped on the scale again in the gym locker room. I put it right to 176 and it wasn't level. Dang it! Nudged it up to 177 and it still didn't budge. My heart sank as I kept moving it until it hit 180. Then a light bulb went off -- "move it the other way!". Today I weighed in at 174.

The best part about that? Only 24 pounds until I get a new tri bike. :-)

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